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Originally from Afghanistan, grew up in Canada. I enjoy telling stories. I love working with actors. Teaching media production is also a passion of mine. I worked in Kabul at TOLO TV, Afghanistan’s largest TV station, on docu-drama series called “Rah-e-Haqiqat” (Truth Unveiled). Two seasons have been made and it has been replayed numerous times by popular demand. I also wrote and directed the popular series “The Defenders”, my first drama series, which aired on TOLO TV in 2013.

I have worked on Baghch-e-Simsim (Sesame Street for Afghanistan). Completed Season 02 and Season 03. My first feature film entitled “Targeting” is now on Amazon and iTunes. I am currently living in Whistler and working on “Black Kite” my second feature film, which I wrote, directed, shot, and edited in Kabul, due out in 2016. Enjoy my photos, short films and advertisement work in my portfolio. If you’d like to contact me please send me a message through this website.

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