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Mattie Ridgeway is a troubled career soldier who has just returned home from Afghanistan to her loving husband, Justin, and their 7 year old daughter, Cay. Coming home doesn’t go well with Mattie and she’s having a terrible time reacclimatizing, so she continuously seeks excuses to leave her home. On one of her outings she spots an Afghan man she recognizes. Someone from her past. Baktoosh Nuri.  She sees him exchanging money with a suspicious gas station clerk.

Why is this man in the U.S.? Rather than deal with her own family, Mattie infiltrates Nuri’s life hoping to stop a terrorist threat in its tracks. Left alone to her own devices, Mattie obsessively reconstructs her basement into a secret torture cell. She kidnaps the Afghan looking for answers. Has memories of Afghanistan forever tormented her or can she survive her memories to live a happy life with her family? Time and Targeting will tell.