Baghch-e-Simsim Season 02 & 03 (Afghan Version of Sesame Street) – Trailer: I was the executive producer of the show in Afghanistan and worked with Sesame Workshop. The most popular  and rewarding show I’ve worked on to date.

I wrote and directed a seven hour long miniseries which aired on TOLO TV in 2013. After a horrible crime occurs in the country side, General Sekander, an elite police officer, is called on to create a special team to combat the rising crime in Afghanistan. This special group consists of five young police officers, each with a special skill, will now be the terror of crime. This team is known as “The Defenders.”

Rah-e-haqiqat (Truth Unveiled) Season 02 – Trailer: The second season of the docu-drama series that I wrote and directed featured the April 15th attacks where Taliban took over five different areas in Kabul and Special Units from the Afghan police repelled the attacks.

Rah-e-haqiqat (Truth Unveiled) Season 01 – Episode 02: I wrote and directed this docu-drama series that was shot on location in Kabul, Afghanistan. The first season of the show featured crime stories. In this episode, a young boy is kidnapped and police search for him before it’s to late.